The Joy on Her Face

Photo Dec 05, 11 12 33 AM“I did this myself!”… With sparkly eyes full of satisfaction and proudly showing off her sculpture to her friends, this lady at the Milford Senior Center made my day. The joy on her face was priceless. During the last few months I’ve been conducting a few clay sculpting workshops at the center sponsored by Always Best Care Senior Services. In our last workshop, each one of the participants created a bust. I went to the center to glaze the pieces and return them to their makers. Three of the ladies were sitting in the living room of the center hanging out with their peers and listening to music. I came in and delivered their pieces.

Wow! If you could only see the joy and satisfaction on their faces when they saw their work ready to be displayed. Their peers were very impressed and began giving compliments. They were so happy. I must confess I almost cried. They were so excited and proud of their creation. That for me is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do. The satisfaction I get when I see them happy is something I don’t have the intellectual capacity to articulate in words.

Photo Dec 05, 12 06 59 PMI honestly believe that what I do means nothing if it is not touching people, inspiring people, making them think, consider, reflect, wonder… Moreover, if there is something I want to see is change. I want to see people happy when they find themselves discovering new talents. I want people to identify themselves with my art and allow each piece to serve as a stepping stone to tell their stories. I don’t want my art to be another dead piece in a gallery or museum. I want them to speak to people. Not only my art, but everything I do.


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