Welcome to my brain

the-artistImagine for a moment that you want to focus a blog based on your experience in a particular field. Experience on a field of knowledge comes generally from academics or work. Sometimes we gain experience in other ways vicariously or intentionally. In my case, I had work in a few different things and loved different areas of my academic fields enough to share from these experiences. My mind map for a blog would probably look like a maze where each turn from one experience in one field crosses over experiences in other fields. Sounds complicated? Imagine you are inside a brain with work experience in radio, tv, graphic design, art, education, technology, bible, motivational speech and comedy. Interestingly, I learn and teach with a holistic vision. If you read my teaching statement you may understand what I mean. In this blog I’ll be writing about many things that may seem random but each thought is interconnected in the way I approach life. It is also reflected in my art, my research, my interest in the human brain and behavior, my way of teaching, and just in my private meditation and contemplation. I am planing to share some of my research, the subject of future research ideas (sounds boring but it is not), experiences in classes and workshops, my thoughts as I approach my art, and my meditations about life in general. Maybe in a few months I could put it all together and make a book.

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