People Places Colors

Where do I come from?

Who am I?

How should I live and relate with others?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

Recently, I came across five words that serve as the guide for explaining our existence and human experience: origin, identity, morality, purpose, and destiny.  Humans are always searching an explanation for their lives and current circumstances, as well as defining their path for the future. We all want to know where we come from, and use that as the definition of our identity. We identify with people, places, and color, and tend to separate and decide who we accept, respect, slave, and serve. Our identity is not only used to know who we are but as an excuse to know who others are, because they are not the same. Sometimes we are they.

Lives are lived, relationships are built, and behaviors are justified using origin and identity. We often know and recognize (if we are objective and sincere with ourselves) that certain behaviors are hurting us and others, and damaging the image of who we are, and who we could be. The way we live also affects purpose and destiny beyond the now into the future. We justify who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going based on what we believe is our origin, and who we think we are. What if we don’t know enough or our source of information is faulty? What if we are sincerely wrong about who we think we are or we are looking at the wrong identifiers? What if we are using all of these as an excuse to hide our fears and insecurities? What if we are using these things to gain power over others and justify cruelty and mistreatment? What if our difference are ought to be celebrated and not as a reason for separation and division?

Maybe, if we think about it, we could answer the previous questions with these four words: faith, behavior, hope, and knowledge. There is nothing more sad than humans who thinks that the only thing that matters and counts is what they think and nothing else. Even if someone is “right”, it says a lot when you see how others are seen from that someone’s perspective. What we believe, what we expect, how we live, and how we see our reason to exist is a full package that explains and answers the questions we all have. Perhaps, before is too late, we can consider who we are looking beyond people, places, and colors.

Would it be possible for our identities to be founded beyond the physical nature that finds us limited? Would it be possible that the natural world is just a stage to prove a supernatural origin, identity, morality, purpose, and destiny? Would it be possible to assess our faith, behavior, hope, and knowledge and become better humans? Would it be possible to try better relationships as we learn to accept others and their differences? Would it be possible to redirect our purpose and destiny? Would it be possible to live a better tomorrow today?


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