Listen to that Voice

Democracy is a fine form of government. It ensures freedom to the people and reinforces accountability on government officials and their decisions. The voice of many is the voice that guides the decisions and direction of a country for the benefit of the people. The freedom of the people depends on it. Not so with the human heart.

Clearly, I am not referring to the biological or physical organ, but the essence of what being human is and the organ that guides the decisions in life. We live in a society where people live as if their lives were a democratic country. People listen to the voice of many to be, to become, to behave as someone or something dictated by others. People listen to the voice of fear, imposed to them by previous generations. The voice that speaks about the dangers of change and the risks associated with changing the status quo. The voice that did nothing to break the cycle of mediocrity and expect others to renounce success so no one feels less for being good at something. This voice asks be followed to nowhere. This voice fears everything. This voice fears death so deeply that it doesn’t live at all.

People listen to the voice that offers freedom through worry, anxiety, having, keeping, achieving, and climbing up to nothing as the chains of emptiness become heavier. People listen to the voice that offers connectedness through objects and virtual relationships and the illusion of relationships. That same voice that ignores those sitting around at arm length. This is the voice that claims acceptance and validation through the number of likes and followers. That same voice offers love, intimacy, security, safety, and other things it can’t give.

What voice are you listening to? Are you letting that voice vote and decide who you are? Are you letting that voice of many tell you what to do or how to live? Listening to that voice is letting our lives be controlled by others. Listening to the voice of many is giving away our freedom. There is no democracy in a heart where God is King. His voice brings freedom. His voice informs our path. In His kingdom you are a son and a daughter. That voice of many must be silenced. Live! Be free! Listen to the voice of the King!

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