What goes on in the mind of an artist?

10629856_10150468566204956_1912294495818507283_nThat is one interesting question.  Each day is different. I invite you to visit my mind when I am working with a sculpture. First, from the idea to the final product it is like time travel. I have to see it finished before I begin and it is a constant back and forward in this process. Form! I work with the human body. When I look at the naked figure I see forms. The structure of the body is complex but simple at the same time if you look at the body as basic shapes joined together by skin. Lines, volume, the effects of light, the shadows it produces, the foldings of the skin based on the position of the body, the bone structure trying to show itself under the skin, the rhythm of the pose… May I continue?

The body becomes inspiration. No, I do not see the body as a sexual object when I work. There are also some angles and positions I do not like… I’m not that kind of doctor. I like to see the body as a tool to express emotions that are not often articulated. I want the figure to communicate directly to the viewer. No explanation needed if they can speak to each other soul to soul.

Through all that, while I sculpt, I could be watching a documentary, listening to music, chatting, checking my Instagram and my Facebook, considering my life situation, planing other pieces, thinking about my next show or sculpting party, figuring out my agenda, and tons of jokes that I’ll probably never say in public.

If you want to ask me about more specific questions go ahead.

2 thoughts on “What goes on in the mind of an artist?

  1. Well said! I believe a lot of Artists go through the same thinking process! Whether you are a sculptor, painter, sketcher, stainglass architect, photographer, poet, or writer, I believe, the vision of your thoughts will portray in your work.. Clearly you have studied the body’s anatomy very well! Touched with your own realistic perception and years of hard work and practice!

    Its such a pleasure as an artmodel to hear over and over how wonderful, powerful, and beautiful the human form is!! I believe there is nothing more intriguing then RAW beauty!!

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