Feel it!

Bliss by Ivan Tirado

Take a moment to breathe in. Consider where you started and where you are now. Breathe out! Think of the moments when your heart was immerse in that piece you were creating. Time seemed to stop and you were in a different dimension of inspiration. Wouldn’t be great to experience that with each piece you create?

Sometimes it seems that artists are creating racing against time trying to compete with self-imposed demands. We are trying to produce and in the process we detach from the blessing that is creating. We used to dance with muses. Now we are rushing them. We put ourselves at risk of burning out our inspiration in the race. Yes, we can work fast and produce many pieces, but there is no need to deprive our spirits from the pleasure and satisfaction of art making. We should not run when we can soar.

Feel it! Let the result takes a second place. Allow inspiration guide you. Let yourself go. Don’t race time. Time will stand still while the muses dance to a rhythm of their own carrying you to that place. Feel the bliss of the process of creation.

4 thoughts on “Feel it!

  1. How very true. In this materialistic age you are subconsciously being pressured to produce. To be successful means volume in whatever you do. An artist must dig deep in his soul and create. Volume will not matter but creating that which is true to himself.

  2. i read somewhere that creativity is, God Energy flowing through us, shaped by us like light flowing through a crystal prism. Therefore if we do art when the time arises, we produce work of a higher quality and not quantity necessarily. We can conclude that our creating, can not be pushed beyond our means.

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