Connecting Back to Yourself

Have you ever felt disconnected? I am not talking about solitude. We all need time alone where silence is the only noise. I am talking about loneliness. What’s the difference? Solitude is the state of being alone while loneliness is the sadness of being alone or feeling alone. Many individuals experience loneliness even when surrounded by others. That disconnect not only separates yourself from others but it separates you from you. Sometimes it is necessary to connect back to yourself as a means to understand your disconnect with everything else. Clay sculpting is one way to help you connect back to yourself.

Slide07I don’t believe art is the solution to the issues in your life. I do believe art and specially clay sculpting is a tool to connect you back to yourself. Consequently, it will help you connect back to your surroundings and the people around you, and hopefully with your Creator. The act of touching is one of the most primitive forms of communication. Through touch we get to know our parents when we are born and this same touch affirms how much they love us. Babies touch everything around them. They trust their tact more than their eyes. Kids have the need to touch to feel in connection with the surrounding reality. Seeing is not always enough. How many times you had to be told not to touch stuff in the stores?  Affection is known through hugs and caress.  Many lives had been truncated and crippled by unwanted touch. Healing often occurs through touch as it is in many traditions. God had to form the first man to feel a deeper connection with him. Thomas had to touch Jesus after His resurrection to believe.

Clay sculpting opens neurological paths to our emotions helping to open our souls and prepare us for healing. It is not only a creative outlet which benefits are compared with meditation, but also a bridge to our intimate feelings, good experiences and traumatic experiences. I love to observe and listen to people in my private classes and sculpting parties. Through the process of creating a clay sculpture they reveal their insecurities, both physical and emotional, and they feel free to talk about it. That is a good step towards healing.


7 thoughts on “Connecting Back to Yourself

  1. Love this, this is such a good way to spread your love and knowledge. I love the examples here about touch. Touch is so so important to being alive!

  2. Touching Truth. Thank you for sharing!!! I’m so blessed by the examples you shared, because I’ve have lived them. I’m a hugger. It’s very natural for me to do. Touching for me is SO IMPORTANT!! It’s one of my ways of expressing my love to others. Yes, too often you here Don’t touch this. Don’t touch that….a deprivation & lack of an experience. The Creator is a hands-on God. Therefore, I believe being Christ-like is also being able to TOUCH people’s lives with His LOVE. Again, we need positive touching in our lives. Thank you!

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