Artists are Communicators

There is misunderstood belief that artists have to be isolated from society instead of being connected to it. Some artists believe that art should speak on its own and if people don’t connect with their art there should be no need to provide explanations. As artists we speak through art, I agree. People should connect and find meaning in the content of an art piece on their own. However, we can provide insights in our source of inspiration, our creative process, our artistic influences, methods, and techniques. That gives us power to be communicators. Not everyone is educated in the arts. We have the power to be influential and an inspiration to others. If we decide to connect with people and share our knowledge and feelings (funny coming from a man) we can expand the power of communication of our art. Artists gave away this power to agents who turned the art into a market trade product with no substance of life behind it.

1378061_10150322435744956_1463205766_nIn Frames of Mind: Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner mentions interpersonal intelligence as the skill to connect with others. As in any field of practice, you can be successful and have all the skills but by not having interpersonal intelligence you might be closing doors to yourself. It is fine to let art speak by itself. It is a great experience. Nevertheless, it is not a license to be a contemptibly obnoxious person or a self-made social reject. Some artists need an ego-check. There is a very fine line between eccentric and just plain weird. If people can connect with you, they will connect with your art. It is time artists come out of obscurity and mingle with people and be more than a signature at the corner of the paint, to regain an influential social status and use our sensitivity to guide others and inspire future artists, and why not? Future clients as well.

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  1. Hello Ivan and everyone.
    I find this a very interesting topic. Art is my third career and I am still emerging. I find it humbling and quite fun when patrons, community members and other artists see and feel things from my work I hadn’t intended.
    I was drawn to mosaic art initially to heal, to be solitary, to work at my own pace. Now the great rewards come as well from community based projects as well as teaching. I find the process of collaboration in art making an exceptional way to communicate whether the participants study with me for years, or stop by and put one piece of TESSARAE on a large mural.
    Don’t we all crave connection? Don’t we all feel better in a beautiful environment? Aren’t we all capable of artistic expression, and communication, when given the tools, time and safe space to explore? I feel so lucky to live the life of an artist. Thank you for the discussion

    1. I appreciate you sharing your comment. I am an advocate of social cognitive theory and is in that collaboration where knowledge is shared and we grow and get better at what we do. Thank you.

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