Art, Photography, and Poetry


Come close your eyes and dream

Be blown into my arms

I’ll carry you to a new place

Where the music plays a new song

Where reality is gone

All is one and we are each in motion

One with another

Here night is day and day is night

In this place of Reverie

Bradly Williams, author of Love Redefined and Charity, made my sculptures speak, along with the beautiful photography of Judie Shephard in the book The Art of Ivan Tirado. This poem takes us into a journey. It makes us stop from the busyness of everyday life to feel the wind and fly to freedom.

This collaboration is an example of how art, in its multiple forms, speaks to people. I am very passionate with my art. I enjoy getting lost in the creation process. It is no different for my friend Bradly an his writing. His new book “CHARITY, What’s in a name?” is a suspense filled story of a man and the unexpected introduction of a young girl into his life. His previous book “Love Redefined” challenges current social views of love to transform our relationships.

Nevertheless, Judie shows the same passion in her photography. You can enjoy those beautiful pictures in this website because Judie’s vision. Each angle is poetry. She makes my work look really good, and don’t get me started on the portraits. She also takes care of most of the technical aspects of the website and she is available to take care of your website too.

Whatever the art form, whenever you are confronted with it, let art speak. You won’t regret it.

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