What’s Affecting Your Domain?

You can see it. Observe! Watch that soul dragging the body as if it was already dead. Can you feel the weight of the posture of defeat before the fight begins? As an artist and educator I’ve learned to observe people. With time you learn to read their emotions by just observing their posture and how they move around or conduct themselves. Sometimes you can hear the silent scream for help coming from their hearts. Sometimes it is us.

Born Again
Born Again

There are three learning domains: cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (movement), and affective (emotions). All three domains are essential to determine success or failure in a particular area. All three domains can be assessed, measured and quantified. All three are combined and adjust to a different measure according to the situation. However, the affective domain is the fuel and spark that shapes our drive to go on an conquer our day. Yes, we are human and circumstances can get the best of us but we can’t let the circumstances win. We can… well… take domain.

The affective domain includes interest, motivation, attitudes, anxiety levels, coping skills, faith, and the emotional interpretation of failure or success from past experiences. Knowledge and physical abilities are not enough to succeed, to go on with your day like you own it. Passion! We need more passion! Passion will engine a spark to pursue your goals, to commit! Commitment increases the chances of attainability which feeds a sense your desire to keep trying, to challenge yourself, to reach your goals, to improve, and to grow.

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