Artist, Instructional Designer, Educator, Public Speaker, Former Stand Up Comic…

Dr. Iván Tirado focuses his teaching philosophy on the human experience through Social Learning Theory, and his art through the human figure. A career that began as an artist merged with a passion for teaching that goes beyond creating art. This passion includes others in the creative process, making them active participants and recipients of the cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of art. These benefits of art bring awareness of the learning and healing process that produces a transformational experience.


The perception of “the self” develops through the interaction and reciprocal influence between personal factors, the environment, and behavior. Conscious and unconscious interpretations of responses from the environment in the form of internal and external experiences affect and influence the individual mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, based on the capacities and limitations of those personal factors. The perception of “the self” is affirmed by the environment, and validated through behavior towards the environment in the form of agency, influencing, in a reciprocal fashion, the environment. The environment influences the individual, as the individual influences the environment.

Iván Tirado-Cordero, PhD, MEd, BA
on Social Learning Theory and Triadic Reciprocal Determinism, 2016